Tuesday, March 8, 2011


OK, I know what you're thinking. She's not writing, she must have dropped out after Day 2. It hurt a little, and she quit completely. WRONG. I have been dominating this goal. I am 6 for 6. Because I am a champion.

I would tell you all about the last 4 days, except it is really early right now. I was so confused when the alarm went off at 10 of 6, I kept trying to convince myself that it was really Saturday and I had set the alarm wrong. Nope, it is only Tuesday, and I have plans to go to the 7am class so I can make it to a meeting of the Queens Co-op tonight. I am super tired but determined, so I sit here munching on toast prepping myself to face an hour fifteen of downward facing dogs and standing splits. Dear god don't let me fall asleep in Savasana.

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