Monday, March 21, 2011

Bad Blogger

So apparently, it is really hard to find over an hour each day to devote to attending a yoga class when you have a full time job and a life. Possible, I have proved, but really friggin hard. What's even harder is to find that time to practice, and then find even more time to write a blog about it. Oops.

Overall I have been doing really really well. Since the journey began on March 2nd I have only not been on a mat at the Yoga Room for 2 days. On March 11 I spent an hour and a half at a guided meditation at Three Jewels Yoga (more on that later), so I'm counting that one as a successful day. March 16 has been my only fail. I got smacked with a detrimental cold, a sniffling, sneezing, energy sucking cold. The night before  I hadn't completely succumb to congestion yet so I hauled myself to a vinyasa class and completely freaked out the poor girl with the mat next to mine with all of the sniffling and reaching for tissues. By the next day my voice sounded like that of a Muppet and I decided it would be best for me, and everyone in the yoga studio if I spent the day at home taking long baths and watching Disney movies. I was disappointed, halfway through my 30 days and I would have to take an "Incomplete" but there was nothing for it. I am contemplating doing 2 classes in one day to try to make up for it.

Other then that, I have been successful with my quest! Every single day, there I sit, on my mat increasing my flexibility and strength, a little bit every day. The first week was not big on the achievements, it was a week where my body was getting used to the new way of things. My skills were not improving that much, but my muscles hurt less day by day so that was a win. The last week though has been packed full of pleasant surprises in my practice. For the first time in my life, I can grab the outside of my feet in forward bend. I actually kicked fully into a handstand last Saturday instead of ineffectively hopping up down like I had been for the last few weeks. I am starting to get somewhere near Wheel position, though only for a few seconds and I can't get my heels to stay on the floor and my arms to straighten at the same time. I have finally gotten into a crow pose that I could hold for more the 3 seconds (more like 10 seconds now!). Last night though was exciting. Last night, for the very first time, I pulled myself into something that resembles full seated Lotus.
Lotus is that meditation position where you sit cross legged and you get both feet, soles pointing toward the sky, to sit on your thighs. It was not comfortable, and I couldn't hold it long, but I got there and have been telling everyone who listen (including you dear blog readers) about it all day. You probably aren't supposed to brag in Yoga. I'm probably supposed to pull myself into the position and then sit there serenely and say something really modest if anyone complements me on it. But I can't help it, I'm too exited! I made it my Facebook picture!

Okay, don't look at my hair in the picture. But look at my legs! I'm going to keep working until it gets comfortable. I've also discovered a wonky leg problem with my Warriors that needs some work. And I'm still experiencing hip pain in the half moon pose. Alright I have work yet to do. Stay tuned.

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